The Apple Watch is Coming!

It’s a big day tomorrow for enormously Apple fans. The upcoming special Apple event on PDT 10am tomorrow morning. The main focus is the Apple Watch. This time, Apple changes the world again.

We already knew there are lot of new features on the Apple watch, it can work seamlessly with you iPhone, saving your hands out of tapping on your iPhone all the time. Apple Watch is designed to keep you more efficient, organized, and productive, it’s also made to keep you moving. Because being active is vital to living a healthy life. It can replace other waistbands for jogging. And you can wear it all the time.

Another huge attribute is you can use Apple Pay via your Apple watch, and paying will be easier with an Apple watch than an iPhone. According to the executive from Apple, Apple Watch’s health sensors know when the device is strapped to your wrist and when it’s off your person. According to Cue, Apple is taking advantage of that data to simplify the payment experience. You will, however, need to confirm a payment by tapping the button on the side of the Apple Watch. For iPhones like the 5 and 5C, which lack Touch ID, you’ll simply have to use a PIN code to pair the devices and unlock the Apple Watch. Or you can type that PIN into the Apple Watch itself.

Watches and what else to expect from Apple on March 9


3 thoughts on “The Apple Watch is Coming!

  1. It is a great news that Apple watch will come to market tomorrow. I know you have been looking forward it since Tim Cook announced it in Sep 2014. There are lots of great and new functions that only Apple Watch have, but what I want to know the most is the battery life of Apple Watch. Since there are a lot of rumors say that the reason why apple has not come to market yet is mainly because of its battery problems. Let’s wait until tomorrow to see if Apple Watch will amaze people worldwide again and hope some great news will come tomorrow as well.

  2. Same topic about Apple! For me, the real excitement is the New Macbook. Three colors provide people more options. The golden one I like most.Thinner and lighter make it attract more young people. Besides, I guess wireless of computer is the trend although some people say the only one outer joint is a pity.

    The Watch is great but I think it is more suitable for younger generation. I’m too old. LOL. I have the same attitude as yours, which is to wait for the feedback. However, the important thing is, Apple starts marching the high-tech watch industry.

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