High School Students Use Instagram to Help Pick a College


A recent survey found that 76% of teens use Instagram. The graduating class of 2015 will be the first set of students who were able to capture their entire high school experience — from the first day of freshman to the last of senior year — on the photo-sharing app, which was founded in late 2010. So it makes sense that they would use it to not only to follow friends and celebrities, but to research the next stage of their lives as well.


What factors would you consider to choose school?

In the past maybe they are academic history, location and circumstances surrounding the school. But Now, this may played on Instagram. According to Time’s report, Instagram is becoming a window for United States high school students to understand a real campus. 

In the article, Jackson Barnett, a high school student, he is applying for college, because the schools he wanted to apply are all in the East Coast or Midwest where he could not easily go to have a visit. Plus, money and time which is also a very important consideration for him.

His solution is looking on the Instagram, for example, if you want to go to Duke, then you just track #DukeStudents on Instagram, you can see many photographs of everyday life from the Duke students, and this is more real than the school’s official page to demonstrate a real college students life.

Instagram is the most fast growing social app now, and it’s a excellent platform for many business and NGO organizations. Many small businesses already use Instagram as their main promotion and advertising channel, and many of them are benefiting from using Instagram. Now we can see the middle school students learn to use Instagram to choose college, I’m so looking forward to seeing more and more business opportunities on this platform.


One thought on “High School Students Use Instagram to Help Pick a College

  1. I personally like Instagram over Facebook and Twitter. There are lot of things to follow and easy to find what I like by using hashtag and recommendation functions. In the article, it is interesting to know that high school graduate students use Instagram to pick colleges, I think more and more colleges will advertise through Instagram. But I have a concern that since Instagram has a lot of filters to make pictures look more beautiful, it may mislead some students when choosing colleges.

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