Tinder Swipes Right on Its New CEO: Former eBay Exec Chris Payne


Tinder is a popular swiping-mode dating app. Recently it hired former eBay executive Chris Payne served as CEO, Tinder former CEO and co-founder Sean Rad will continue to serve as directors of the company. According to Payne LinkedIn resume, he was previously senior vice president of eBay North America, responsible for operations, before joining eBay he had worked in Microsoft and Amazon.

This early March Tinder launched a senior paid version Tinder Plus in United States and Britain, but in this version, the age-based pay structure is controversial. In the United States, if the user is over 30 years old, the membership fee is $ 19.99 per month, but if you are between 18-29 years old, the membership fee would be just $ 9.99. It it more exaggerated that in the UK, you have to pay 14.99 pounds per month to be the Tinder Plus member if you are over 28 years old, but only paying 3.99 pounds as long as you are between 18-27 year old. Tinder Plus got pretty poor user responses, it currently rated only 1.5 star points in the App Store.

Before the introduction of the paid version Tinder has no profit model, the paid version does not seem to be very successful now. Tinder does not disclose the specific number of users in total, but it claims that there are more than 1 billion times swipes every day, which reflects a large user base, and how to transfer the huge user into cash is a big problem for Tinder. It is said that Chris Payne once was Paypal’s CEO candidate, so maybe that’s the reason why Tinder want him to be the CEO, I hope he can help Tinder to figure out a better profit model.


One thought on “Tinder Swipes Right on Its New CEO: Former eBay Exec Chris Payne

  1. I know that some of my friends are using tinder, but they may not want to pay for the membership. In my opinion, the age-based pay structure is not a very good one. It is unfair that older people pay more while younger people pay much less, I still do not how dose this pay structure come out and be accepted by users. If I am over 30, I’ll feel it is age discrimination and may not continue use it.

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